London Reggae

I’ve always loved the London skyline. It is with no doubt the most famous in the world. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament etc… These icons represents the British Culture, the Royals, and all that stuff we like about London like fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and yes Jamaican Pattie. At least when I was growing up it was always on the menu in the fish and chip shops in Hackney. I also remember I was able to go into any record store and buy my reggae singles. Dennis Brown was a big hit with my sound system “Sir Lord Invader”. A mi buy the Wolf and Shepherd single for the sound. The sound system was small at the time but we were big in the clubs that we played in. We even came up with our own dance that caught on with the on the dance floor “GT Skank” what a skank!!!

I will re-visit some of the old London reggae culture in the coming future.


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